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SBS Publishing

SBS Publishing

Smart Business Service (SBS Inc.) has been publishing Chinese and English language magazines pertaining to the restaurant business since 1994. Chinese language magazines include Chinese Restaurant News, Chinese Chef News, Chinese Restaurant News (international), How2USA and Magazine. English language magazines include Asian Restaurant News and Fortune Cookie News etc. In 2005, SBS Inc. scrapped the traditional form of magazine publishing. Instead, it launched a three-dimension media pattern--- a weekly E-magazine, monthly printed magazine, and online information platform.

SBS Inc. publications are well known by American mainstream society thus making a great contribution in spreading Asian, especially Chinese traditional culture. SBS Inc. focuses on every aspect of Asian American life, and then strives to provide accurate information that Asian Americans can utilize.

SBS Inc. provides services in international signing, publishing, and issuing and mailing various kinds of books and magazines. Other services available include the translating, compiling, and publishing of all sorts of professional books. SBS Inc. offers more than a thousand ISBN (International Standard Book Number) to choose from. The magazines are delivered to the US via shipping containers and then are directly routed to their final destinations through the domestic postal system. Delivery is quick, taking only one month for books to be delivered to readers. SBS Inc. is therefore the best choice for mainland companies looking to extend their overseas market.

Books Published by SBS Inc.

SBS Inc. has been devoted to editing and publishing serials related to restaurant business ever since 1995. Among all the publications, the Chinese Restaurant Management series is the best seller. This Chinese Restaurant Management has six volumes: Guidebook of Selecting Chinese Restaurant Location, How to Open a Chinese Restaurant in US, The Road of Chinese Restaurant Chain, Customer of Chinese Restaurant, Business Point of Chinese Restaurant and The Art of Service.

SBS Inc. Electronic Products

Polychromatic printing of cartons, printing/producing of varied modes of CD, polychromatic printing of labels, hard disk copying, website design and e-magazine production

Self Publishing Through SBS Inc.

Whether a memoir of an extraordinary experience, or unforgettable love story, SBS Inc. can publish, issue and market it at the client’s own expense.

Magazine Issuing by SBS Inc.

SBS Inc. issues magazines and does direct marketing of books, CDs, tickets and holiday products. Consumer behavior analyses, surveys, and other information are provided as well.

The Art of Service
How to Open a Chinese Restaurant in US
Business Point of Chinese Restaurant
The Secret of Getting More Tips
Guidebook of Selecting Chinese Restaurant Location
Comprehensive Book of Cooking Technique
Compilation of Kitchen Experience
How to Directly Mail Advertisements
The Road of Chinese Restaurant Chain
Guidebook for American Entrepreneur
Details Brings Up a Successful Restaurant
Collection of Chinese Traditional Pattern
Customer of Chinese Restaurant
Compilation of Successful Stories in Restaurant Business
Standard Sic-code of Every Profession and Trade in USA (Bilingual)

SBS Inc. Domestic Publications

SBS Inc. publishes the three-dimension periodicals: 56abc Logistics News, Chinese Restaurant News (international) and Chinese Chef News with an extensive issuing channel and 98% effective reach rate. These magazines subdivide the restaurant business and also upgrade the overall standard of similar magazines in the mainland.