AsiaDepot’s headquarters was established by SBS Inc. in California, in 1997, which already had an international patent trade mark, the Greater China supply center of AsiaDepot is in Shenzhen, China.

AsiaDepot’s business model: Asian Manufacture Wholesale. Website has been established with the management system, is looking for business partners, investors and suppliers co-operate to establish branches in Asian countries.

AsiaDepot’s operation process is through the above points, using the most advanced network management, and production of traditional color supply catalog, mass mailing, in conjunction with the United States and major urban design point of sale storage means develop locational advantages.

AsiaDepot’s the network distribution model provide timely, accurate, and effective channel for overseas promotion of merchandise and achieve the win-win outcomes.

Under the global environment of rapid development of E-commerce, a growing number of domestic and foreign buyers and products, multi-agent use the Internet to lower procurement costs to find suppliers. AsiaDepot online distribution platform -- www. brought together buyers and agents in North America catering reputation for the supplier to provide an efficient channel to promote their products and services, expand overseas business opportunities and attract more orders!