SBS R&D Center

SBS R&D Center

SBS R&D Center is based on FrontSQL 4.0 ebiz platform, providing the significant ebiz suite to our clients. FrontSQL ebiz suite is a seamlessly integrated solution for your enterprise, which provides strategic advantages through customizable business management functionality for financial, distribution, manufacturing, project accounting, payroll, human resources, sales and marketing, customer service and support, and enterprise reporting.

FrontSQL eBiz Suite also provides the catalyst your business needs to fully embrace the Internet with applications for self-service, business intelligence, and e-commerce that reduce overhead and provide new revenue opportunities. FrontSQL eBiz Suite provides the reporting and analysis capabilities, customizable transaction flow, scalability, security and control needed within small and midsize organizations.

After two years of continuous effort FrontSQL4.0 was released in 2004 with enhancements eCommerce customers, in particular, greeted with enthusiasm., for example, secured orders of over $10,000,000 from their FrontSQL-driven online retail service.

At the heart of FrontSQL4.0 was the adoption of Ajax technology popularized by the huge success of Google and Gmail. Riding this wave, B/S application software fulfilled some very unique functions for the first time. FrontLayout, the core module of this upgraded software, empowers Ajax to separate data, presentation, action, and commercial logic from each other, making its operation easier and the user interface much improved.

By introducing the latest technology of Microsoft.NET, FrontSQL’s extension and integration functions improved along with faster, more stable and secure performance.

With the strong support of SOA, SAAS standards such as XML and Web Service, this system ensures better information interaction with third parties. FrontSQL competitive strategy is to stand on the shoulders of industry leader Microsoft to compete with technology suppliers.

Comprised of 30 core modules and thousands of dynamic templates, FrontSQL has wide application in eCommerce, portal websites, blogs, web 2.0, yellow page and other directories, BBS, intranets, and more. It provides enterprise, government, and individual users a comprehensive online solution for OA, KM, eLearning, CRM, ERP, SCM, HRM, CA, AM and other challenges. In addition, FrontSQL delivers customers and partners an excellent extranet solution along with integrated solutions for WAP, short messaging and VOIP Call centers.