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A Bridge between U.S. and China
How 2 USA Leads to USA
A bridge between China and the U.S.
A path for Chinese billionaires' investment in real estate and studying abroad.
An opportunity for Chinese enterprises going internationalization.
A guidance for Chinese government attracting investment, talent and wisdom.
A platform for providing resources of American real estate and talents.
An access to advanced system, management and technology of the U.S.
Unprecedented channel in the world.
Direct communication between Chinese and American media.
How2USA Magazine Columns:
Invest in US
Deals or Steals: Commercial Properties investment Top Deals!

Immigrate to US
EB-5,L-1,Beijing Resident ID or US Green Card

Study in US
Strategies for Admission to Top Universities
Transfer to Campus in major Cities, EMBAS, Best High Schools

Silicon Valley-San Franciso
High Tech Trends, Silicon Top Companies, Bay Area Real Estate, San Franciso Culture, Rising Politic Powers of Chinese Americans, the Ripple Effects of Chinatowns.

Hollywood-Los Angeles
Cultures All American Movies, Music, Pop Arts, the significance of Chinese Cultures, spreading Upspring China Towns,and the Rich Diversity of Los Angeles City Cultures.

Doing Business in US
Business Opportunities abound in exchanges and interactions of cities between China & U.S.
living in US
Getting driver's license, looking for housing, schools,banking, shopping, looking for help in housekepping, baby sitting, settle in !
Travel in US
Travel for leisure or for culture, know your best choices of itineraries of sceneries, resorts and destinations
Target Readers: Based upon 120,000 Chinese entreprises in the USA, covering Chinese communities nationwide.

Distribution: Nationwide distribution by street dispatch in Chinatowns and free direct mailing.
Distribution Total: 120,000 volumes

Monthly Mailing Distribution: 20,000 volumes.

Ever-increasing Regional Version Distribution:
1. California Area: 25,000.
2. Los Angeles & South California Area: 20,000
3. New York & Northeast America Area: 25,000
4. Houston, Washington DC, Chicago, Atlanta, Miami, Seattle and Hawaii: 5,000 respectively

Extensive quality audience sets forth great consumption capability and potential.
Practical contents and exquisite design bring up collection values as well as everlasting effect.
With ever-increasing distribution and audience, How2USA is definitely your ideal partner for advertising and cooperation.
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