Chinese Restaurant News
Delivered to more than 40,000 Chinese retaurants in U.S.
The Must-Read Monthly for Chinese Restaurateurs in U.S.
The first issue of Chinese Restaurant News (C-R-N) was born in July 1995. It grows to be today’s largest monthly publication that specialized to serve American-Chinese restaurants in North America.
Over the past 15 years, C-R-N has become a premiere information source for Chinese-American restaurateurs to seek for the strategies and information to grow their restaurants. According to our recent survey, over 98% of Chinese restaurants have received Chinese Restaurant News at least once since 1999. Among those restaurants more than 78% have read it.

Published in Chinese language, C-R-N timely covers current trade events, new dining trends, hot restaurant concepts and inspiring success stories in the fast growing Asian restaurant segment. C-R-N inspects the issues and trends driving foodservice industry to change and offer ideas to help restaurateurs to manage daily detail, stay on top of technology, understand changing markets and expand into new profit centers.
20 Billion Sales Market
There are more than 46,000 Chinese restaurants in the U.S. The estimated annual sales of the Chinese restaurant segment in the U.S. accounts for 5.0% of total food & drink sales, reaching over $20 billion in 2008 (estimated based on NRA projections.) While these 36,598 restaurants scatter in all 50 states across the continent, Chinese Restaurant News delivers the trade magazines right to the doorsteps of each restaurant, and reaches out the managing force of the industry.

Reaching Decision-makers
Owners and operators of Chinese restaurants, executive managers of high-volume independent restaurants, multi-unit or chain stores, and prospect owners of new restaurants are C-R-N’s target audience. The readers turn to C-R-N with one common issue in mind: the quest for ideas to grow their restaurant business. CRN can make a difference in promoting your products by spreading your message to the purchase decision makers of more than 46,000 Chinese restaurants.