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Fortune Cookie News
Now you have something more than fortune cookies to entertain your customers
It is the Fortune Cookie News!

Newsletter marketing is the trend, and is by far the most impressive and effective way to remind customers of your restaurant. Yet few restaurants can afford it simply because it is too costly on both time and money.

Can you imagine. . .

How much it will cost you to have 52 issues of newsletter, 100 copies per issue delivered to you on every Friday for an entire year? The answer will surprise you if you subscribe to Fortune Cookie News, in a pleasant way. It costs only $21.00 to subscribe to 100 copies of Fortune Cookie News every week. You may order customized copies for only $12.00 more per hundred. You can choose to print your restaurant name and phone number on the copy to make it look like your own version of Fortune Cookie News. You may even put in your own columns to introduce your restaurant, your chef, your signature dishes, your new recipes, seasonal specialty menu, promotional coupons and so much. What a great way to impress your customer! What a smart way to promote your restaurant business!

Fortune Cookie News is specially written for Chinese restaurant customers. It is innovative, exciting and economical. It gives your customer some extra delight reading interesting stories about Asian culture while waiting their food to come to their table. By giving out Fortune Cookie News, you will show how much you
care about your customers, and will impress them greatly. Whenever people want a fortune cookie, they go to a Chinese restaurant to get it. Now, if you have some free copies of Fortune Cookie News to give out, people will have to come to your restaurant to get it. It simply works just that way!

Try it out today! Subscribe to 100 copies of Fortune Cookie News every week and place them on the register counter. Watch how fast these copies will run out. Pretty soon your customers will come back to you for more orders and a copy of Fortune Cookie News.
To place an order of subscription, please fill out the order form, or

Call the toll free number 1-888-727-8881