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Chinese21 published by SBS, Inc. is a professional Chinese commercial monthly magazine, which publishes to all Chinese merchants in the whole world. It provides commercial opportunities and information to Chinese merchants, helps Chinese merchants to promote the individual and enterprise brands, and provide a perfect platform for all Chinese merchants to communicate each other. Both Chinese and English version, 16K color copperplate printing.


Chinese merchants with strongest power of influence and purchasing!

Chinese Fortune shares the useful, timely, authoritative commercial information and successful experience. Magazine focuses on satisfy the needs of readers, and the readers are high educated, has the high income, also the high social status.

Reader segmentation

Chinese merchants all over the world, government officers, global Chinese organizations, Chinese and American entrepreneurs, career managers, investors, Chinese immigration companies, the senior education institutions with many oversea students, and oversea new immigrants, etc.


Comprehensive, accurate, targeted distribution network!

Subscription: Chinese21 has lots of stable readers in North America and China Mainland, they subscribes Chinese21 regularly.

Gift publication: Chinese21 provides the free version to Chinese merchants in order to improve the communication among Chinese communities.

Direct Mailing: Chinese21 uses direct mailing to deliver the magazines to target readers every month.


Custom publication and accurate delivery!

Chinese21 is published by industry category to satisfy the customers’ personalization needs, target delivery location, target areas, etc. It is published every month, 12 month a year, with 50,000 circulations to more than 20 industries and governments in China Mainland, cross the United States.


High return of investment advertising platform!

Chinese21 offer a great advertising platform by its large size and loyal target readers. Personalization publication makes the advertising much more accurate and efficient. The strong magazine brand is the powerful guarantee for the positive impact of advertising.