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TaskToday Introduction

TaskToday is a daily task tracking and report manager, with mobile and web apps running on a cloud platform. TaskToday manages staff and tasks, time tracking and work performance for businesses, organizations, schools and families.


TaskToday is an innovative software program that combines several branches and daily tasks into one, including human resource management, performance management, day-to-day operations and internal management. This easy-to-use program fulfills the role that several other programs do individually. Currently available on desktop computers, laptops, and in the iPhone app store, TaskToday will be coming to Android, Windows and other smart phones soon.


Perfect for companies of all sizes, TaskToday allows managers to see what the daily responsibilities of each employee is, and the internal posting allows workers to communicate directly with each other. For supervisors and managers, monitoring employee responsibilities and duties have never been easier. Each day all employees must fill out a task report, stating what jobs they worked on, and the time spent on each assignment. This helps quantify performance statistics and ensures employees are staying on task.


Position duties—daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly—can be filled out and monitored. Other employees can rate and comment on the quality and effort of a task, perfect for projects and notes for employees’ quarterly reviews. For larger companies with several branches, contacting employees at other locations are no problem. Look up employees by location, or simply type their name when posting them, and see where they work.


These benefits and more help simplify performance management, so there is less stress on human resource and management teams, meaning more time to work on other assignments and projects. Because TaskToday is accessible on your smart phones, away from work, checking deadlines, work emails, and other important information is always ready for use.


Some advantages of using TaskToday include:

1.               Coverage, full information on smart phones and hand held devices. Contact information, project details, and emails are ready when you need them. Equipped with a QR code, find exactly what you are looking for immediately.

2.               One-stop destination: instead of having an email system, a separate program for your human resources department and all your additional needs, TaskToday encapsulates them all and has them in one, easy to use program.

3.               Because TaskToday is continually being renovated and worked on, any problems you have can be answered or fixed almost immediately.

4.               The more input and information you put into TaskToday, the more it will be able to accommodate your time and needs. As you can update it to reflect several different types of goals and deadlines, TaskToday will remind you when your deadlines are coming up, or will send you notifications.