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Services Supermarket:'s Services Supermarket is the best e-service mode living by the information technology, marketing management, personnel training, as well as various traditional commercial services which designed on the basis of's three operation philosophies – global, informative and people-oriented, with a mission to provide a full range of global commercial services to be finally created an absolutely new, supermarketized platform offering global and comprehensive one-stop services.

Services Platform:

In all major countries and regions, has established its business centers, human resource networks, logistics distribution center, product and service development centers, customer service centers, coordinating centers, SBS Universities, customer and staff training centers.


In addition,’s headquarter leadership team, headquarter of national development, headquarter of regional development, as well as the's strategic promotion center using a Full-featured multi-language commercial service platform (Global eBiz Platform), which can manage and coordinate with all business processes including information flow, logistics, and money flows, between buying and selling.


Leverage Global Sources with Neighborhoods:

Through mutually beneficial cooperation with the suppliers and franchisees, furnished with a sophisticated commercial service system concerning products, services and human resources, supplies with a broad range of commercial services; it is committed to the development of globally franchised Chain Stores, offering sales and services into local area.


Entrepreneurs on a global scale can operate their own franchise stores, and the franchisees can be a legal person or a company; as long as complying with agreement, they can all join the system.