Frontsql eBiz Suite

FrontSQL eBiz Suite is an all-in-one Web application for e-business focus on global small business market.

FrontSQL eBiz Suite brings e-business productivity tools to the forefront, with an Automatic web site builder, Web site analytics, customer personalization options, e-commerce services and content management. It also includes tools for automation processes and workflow analysis. FrontSQL eBiz suite simplifies the complexity of small business owner IT infrastructure and provides a comprehensive, simple solution to connect, analyze and react to the information.

E-business covers all aspects of a business, including sales, marketing, supply chain, customer support services, collaboration, subscriptions, and others. FrontSQL eBIz suite moves your every business activity to web-based ones.

FrontSQL eBiz Suite is an integrated application suite that combines document management, collaboration, portal access, knowledge management, workflow and business process automation in a single solution on a highly scalable and secure Internet platform. eBiz Suite can be deployed within a department, business unit or company as an Intranet solution, and easily extended to partners and customers as an Extranet solution. Our robust, multi-tier architecture delivers unparalleled security, scalability and performance, all at a remarkably low total cost of ownership. And standards-based technology allows you to build a flexible, modular solution tailored to your company's specialized needs.

Your global eBiz solution.

The FrontSQL E-Business Suite is the only complete set of business applications that run entirely on the internet, enabling you to cut costs across business intelligence, customer relationship management, finance, human resources, professional services automation, supply chain, ecommerce, content management, project management and interactive customer service functions.

FrontSQL's products enable you to:
Reduce IT expenses with the lowest-cost deployment options.
Reap the benefits of open, integrated e-business applications.
Make smarter decisions with better information.
Run a global e-business efficiently.

EBiz: anywhere, anytime, anyone.

Designed to meet the needs of small businesses, FrontSQL eBiz Suite integrated solution offers unparalleled access to decision-driving information, customized reporting and seamless integration with strategic business applications, including Microsoft Office and industry-specific products. Offering e-commerce, web-based reporting and Internet integration solutions, FrontSQL eBiz Suite provides a solid foundation for e-business. In addition, FrontSQL eBiz Suite delivers a front office sales and marketing and customer service solution, offering a complete, out-of-the box solution integrating front and back office applications.

FrontSQL eBiz Suite: a seamlessly integrated solution for your enterprise, FrontSQL eBiz Suite provides strategic advantages through customizable business management functionality for financial, distribution, manufacturing, project accounting, payroll, human resources, sales and marketing, customer service and support, and enterprise reporting.

FrontSQL eBiz Suite also provides the catalyst your business needs to fully embrace the Internet with applications for self-service, business intelligence, and e-commerce that reduce overhead and provide new revenue opportunities. FrontSQL eBiz Suite provides the reporting and analysis capabilities, customizable transaction flow, scalability, security and control needed within small and midsize organizations.