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Database creation and management
SBS INC can revitalise your marketing strategy through the use of strategic database management and application. In short, relationship marketing breaks down the barriers between you and your customers or markets. It targets you accurately to your best prospects: your future customers.
SBS INC undertakes data entry and database compilation and maintenance to ensure that all future marketing applications can be met. It works with its clients to convert short and long term marketing objectives into a database, driven by segmentation.
A result of this is personalised laser letters, sales or prospect reports, inkjet address labels or any data to meet specific design or reporting applications.
SBS INC can turn your accounts database into a powerful marketing tool.

We use database marketing to:
i. Determine which market segments include the most profitable customers and best prospects.
ii. Effectively test, marketing and advertising strategies to determine which work best before making a commitment to full scale campaigns.
iii. Communicate in a highly personal way to build long term, valuable customer relationships.
iv. Scientifically measure campaign results to ensure improved marketing and advertising planning in the future.