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A Strategic Opportunity for SBS Data

SBS Data units are connected through the common goal of delivering integrated, global solutions to support business decisions. In accomplishing this goal across a broad spectrum of markets, SBS Data units face similar market pressures and opportunities. For example, customers urgently require tools to help them keep pace with accelerating growth in the size and complexity of business data. At the same time, customers demand ever more timely, sophisticated, and widely integrated data analyses.

SBS Data units work hard today to maintain their leadership against a growing competitive threat from other vendors. These vendors have often aggressively exploited new technology to capture market advantage. While SBS Data units have responded successfully to these competitive challenges in the past, the question remains: What new technology is becoming available today that SBS Data can leverage proactively?

Data mining is such a technology. SBS Data is in a unique position to take the lead in delivering the benefits of data mining technology to customers. The company has a wealth of data unrivaled in its breadth and depth, and the comapny's understanding of the relevant markets is necessary to bring this technology to customers successfully. SBS Data units are engaged in markets where data mining can have significant impact. These markets use large databases and need the power of data mining to achieve a better understanding of their data.