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Promote your business with quality reprints
Promote your business with quality reprints, electronic eprints or a number of specialty items. SBS magazine REPRINTS are a fast, easy, efficient promotional strategy that maximizes your exposure in SBS superb family of publications. Time and again reprints have proven to be excellent tools for generating awareness in and amoung the markets that matter most. REPRINTS are an ideal marketing tool that can be deployed in many ways to publicize your company’s best assets. Reprints eliminate the need for copy, design, and printing. Reprints will be delivered to you ready for action…ready to tell your story. The power of SBS’s REPRINTS can be harnessed for any of the following objectives: Leave behind on sales calls Press releases Employee training manuals Direct Mail promotions Corporate display Showroom display Trade show or convention handout Message to stockholders Website content via use of Eprints REPRINTS build credibility and are tremendous promotional endorsements. You can even have reprints designed to meet your individual or corporate needs and specifications. REPRINTS can be created as a self-mailer, insert to direct mail, filler for media kits, posters, mousepads, or any other printed material. Select from any of our prestigious titles to create a marketing tool just right for your needs. For more information on our reprints, please contact: email or call 1888-SBS-8881 or click here to order online now.