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Why lease??
100% Tax deductable and improved cash flow, that‘s why. In order to meet your company‘s technology requirements, you are faced with three options for acquiring the assets: ? Paying cash ? Utilizing bank financing ? Leasing Paying Cash Paying cash depletes capital reserves and, therefore, limits capital allocations for more strategic investments such as a corporate acquisition or a new advertising campaign. Lease financing lets your company keep its cash. Bank Financing Bank financing does not address the downside of potential technological obsolescence. Banks may also impose additional requirements or other covenants that tie your financial hands. Leasing Leasing can free up your capital for more important goals. In addition to improved cash flow, leasing allows you to pick the very latest technology. At EdifyLease, you can keep pace with changing technology through our flexible lease structures and upgrade options tailored to grow as your company expands. Leasing may also provide the following additional advantages: ? Off-balance sheet financing ? Fixed-rate financing ? Fully expensed payments But don‘t just take our word for it. Use our lease calculator to easily determine how affordable leasing can be. Please call us if you have a special request, or, if your financing requirement exceeds $200,000. Why lease with us?? The committed to your leasing requirements. Everything‘s on-line for you (our lease rates, lease agreement, and credit application form) We‘ve made the process easy We‘ll close quickly for you