Knowledgeb Mgr
SBS offers an online database of answers to your customers‘ questions on technical support, products, brands, and your company. To ensure consistency, SBS uses one knowledgebase for all enterprise-wide touches (eMail, phone, chat, Web, etc.) and provides both the customer and the agent access to it. A quality, intuitive, intelligent knowledgebase is the foundation for customer self-service. List Brokerage SBS, List Brokerage Group employs a unique group of experienced and knowledgeable Client Management Directors. The Client Management Directors are skilled in the catalog, publishing, continuity, insurance, and the business-to-business market place. SBS Client Management Directors utilize their experience and expertise to help facilitate clients increase and maintain their customer base. In sharing our ideas and experiences we are better equipped to guide our clients through the use of both traditional, new media, and alternative media programs. List Compilation SBS, can help you assemble comprehensive and accurate data about your customers and profitable new prospects. SBS has its own in-house compilation department and maintains more that 10,000 datacards specifically designed for use by consumer mailers, business-to-business marketers, publishers, financial institutions and non-profit organizations List Maintenance Special programming and database capabilities allow SBS, to enter several levels of information on to their records at once, so that complex notations and codings on list/name source, purchase amount, multi-buyer indicators, product type and other selects can be carried with each name. Not only does this successfully enhance the rentability of names on the file, but it can also be of great value to list owners when selecting various segments of their own files. Through the use of their own proprietary merge/purge software, SBS is able to perform a multitude of operations in one pass of each input tape: ?P Name / Addresses / State / Zip Code Error Detection ?P Zip Code / State / SCF Selection or Omission ?P DMA Mail Preference File Suppression ?P Client File Suppression ?P Previous Mailing File Oppression ?P Intra-File Duplication ?P Intra-File Duplication (With Multi-Indentification) List Management SBS, List Management Group uses a unique combination of "list marketing" and "list management" strategies to maximize revenue for each client. Through aggressive sales and marketing tactics, SBS capitalizes on all prospects within the marketplace, primary, secondary and tertiary. Loyalty Programs Our fully integrated Loyalty Program system allows our clients to analyze program participation, perform database updates, perform customer service functions and produce/track fulfillment materials. Media In the new economy, if you‘re not available and consistent across all media (phone, fax, eMail, eCommerce, Web chat, and postal mail), you may miss out on an opportunity to interact with your customers or you may even lose a hard-earned customer. SBS can manage your multi-media CRM with maximum consistency and availability. Permission Marketing SBS recommends allowing your customers (and prospective customers) to control your communication with them based on what they want to receive, when they want it, and how they want to receive it. Permission marketing can be used to improve the customer experience by allowing your customer to control all aspects of the process and dialogue and allowing you to gain a better understanding of what they are looking for. Relationship Marketing Managing customer communication based on the relationship you have formed with your customer (past purchases, previous contacts, customer preferences, etc.) is rewarding to both parties. Relationship marketing, or CRM, can be marketing communication or value-adding communication for the purpose of advancing the relationship. RMS