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Overview of SBS publishing
SBS publishing is a publisher and distributor of high-quality trade magazines and books covering Chinese business in usa subjects. Our goal is to be the leader in Chinese trade publishing.
Our company has experienced tremendous growth since 1995 due to an aggressive acquisition program and new-product launches. In 1995 we published 1 magazines and employed 2 people. Today we publish 3 magazines,12 website and have over 15 books in print (plus ancillary products), and employ nearly 30.
We are conveniently located in downtown,Oakland,CA.Our modern 10000-square-foot includes room for future expansion.
SBS Publishing Co. takes pride in the magazines it publishes. It is the largest distributor of chinese trade magazines in the United States. Each magazine is a standout not only in its particular genre, but also tops in the publishing world. Quality is carried from the Art Department to the editorial staff to printing.
Each magazine is unique and the people behind it are considered experts in their field. SBS takes great pride and pleasure in presenting these magazines to the Chinese community in USA.

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