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The Chinese Restaurant Awards - CBS News Video
2011/1/18 0:00:00

Video Instruction:

Bill Geist: “The Golden Globe Awards tonight was in Beverly Hills, I won’t be there.”

Bill Geist: “I have just been to a world’s particular you won’t see that in Golden Globe, the Top100 Chinese Restaurant Awards, at the airport Hyatt in San Francisco, with celebrities walked red carpet line with paparazzi.”

Bill Geist: “Johnny Depp wasn’t there, but look there is celebrity chef Martin Yan, he has been on TV worldwide nearly 4,000 times, and written 30 cook books. Angelina Jolie? Not there neither, but there is media personality Theresa Lin, the cookbook author and hands appear in Ang Lee’s film, Eat Drink Man Woman.”

Bill Geist: “But the superstars were Chinese Restaurants and the food they served.”

Bill Geist: “With some 45,000 of them in the US, Chinese food has been becoming American’s Apple pie; chance that you probably had General Tao’s chicken then you had Apple pie.”

Bill Geist: “The categories here differ from the Golden Globe, the takeout category for example, Ms. Wang was the winner.”

Bill Geist: “Tell me how do you feel right now, you are the big winner”

Ms. Wang: “very exacting”

Bill Geist: “How do they judge on your carry out?”

Ms. Wang: “Carry out means we have very good carry out, very fast deliver”
Bill Geist: “There was a category, best Chinese buffet.”

Man Wang, one of the overall excellences: “it’s like an Oscar academy award, you know, ceremony you running a red carpet it’s a great deal”

Bill Geist: “and do you feel like a star?”

Man Wang: “Oh yeah, I am! At this moment!”

Bill Geist: “The lifetime Achievement Award was presented to 91 years-old Cecilia Chiang.”

Cecilia Chiang: “when the first time we were here, I still remember every where we go, we can only get chop suey.”

Bill Geist: “Today, chop suey is the span of Chinese cuisine.”

Chef Tony: “The Asian food is sometimes too authentic for American, like chicken feet.”

Bill Geist: “To be chosen, the Top 3 among 45000 Chinese Restaurants, as the number one Chinese restaurants overall with about to be announced to be picked up the attentions and the winner was Yang Ming Restaurant, Bryn Mawr, PA, owned by Michael Wei, prepared for 30 years.”

Bill Geist: “What you gonna do with that?”

Michael Wei: “Oh, I am very proud on that, I gonna put this on the wall.”

Bill Geist: “How do you feel?”

Michael Wei: “I feel great!”

Bill Geist: “Do you feel like academy award Oscar winner right now?”

Michael Wei: “oh yeah, I feel!”

Bill Geist: “Its good to see someone other than a movie star or pop singer get some recognition at a world show, just one last question, do you have chop suey on the menu?”

Michael Wei: “no! No!”