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The 7th Top 100 Chinese Restaurants
2010/4/15 0:00:00

The 7th Top 100 Chinese Restaurants

January 2011       San Francisco


The 7th Top 100 Chinese Restaurants campaign has been officially initiated!


Three Major Events

?           Happy reunion of restaurateurs across the world

More than one thousand restaurateurs, from USA, Canada, England, AustraliaHong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, and Mainland China, will gather together for this campaign.

?           Platform for Chinese Restaurant association around the world


Restaurant Associations, Catering Medias, Culinary Academies, Celebrity Chefs from different countries will provide management tools for this information platform.

?           Gifts of Mercedes-Benz & BMW, which one do you prefer?

Exclusive ticket, splendid cruise etc. All are available!


Four New Awards

?           Top 100 Brand Names in Chinese Restaurants

?           Top Menu Design

?           Top Website Design

?           Top Celebrity Chefs & Owners


Register now!

This high rank of Chinese restaurants event is looking forward to the participation of your restaurant!


Hotline for registration888-727-8881